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 This is why.. I love my urt style.

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PostSubject: This is why.. I love my urt style.   9/20/2011, 11:55 pm

(DEAD) darkyy: rofl
(DEAD) darkyy: damn
(DEAD) darkyy: nice
(DEAD) darkyy: nice wh bro
*u|ExpectRus: heard ya breathin yo
darkyy: i never ran
darkyy: bro
darkyy: u have no shot
darkyy: but instincts of a god
(DEAD) darkyy: = wallhack
*u|ExpectRus: lol
darkyy: we both know its true
darkyy: dont deny it
darkyy: just turn it off
(DEAD) *u|ExpectRus: what was that?
*u|ExpectRus: wh?
darkyy: that was u being dumb
darkyy: pretending u cant see me through that wall
(DEAD) darkyy: listen i dont care
*u|ExpectRus: was that wh too?
darkyy: dont argue with me
darkyy: im just saying
darkyy: yeah bro
darkyy: def
*u|ExpectRus: dude
*u|ExpectRus: ur gun
*u|ExpectRus: is sticking out
(DEAD) darkyy: how big is ur screen
*u|ExpectRus: 23
*u|ExpectRus: 105 fov
*u|ExpectRus: 1920x1080
*u|ExpectRus: stop being retarded
darkyy: i mean dude
*u|ExpectRus: and accusing people of shit you don't know
darkyy: i dont care
darkyy: dont fight me
darkyy: i dont give a shit what u do with ur life
darkyy: im just saying
darkyy: ur gonna get caught
darkyy: pretty soon
darkyy: idiot
(DEAD) darkyy: u have absolutely no shot
darkyy: cant aim for shit
*u|ExpectRus: wh?
*u|ExpectRus: or laser?
darkyy: guess
*u|ExpectRus: you're good
*u|ExpectRus: i'll give you that
*u|ExpectRus: but you're a fucked up judge of char
darkyy: cmon man
darkyy: u cant aim for shit bro
darkyy: ok ill stop hiding
(DEAD) darkyy: shit
darkyy: u see what im saying?
*u|ExpectRus: what
*u|ExpectRus: that my aim is shit?
darkyy: u can rape me in a game of strafe quietly and pull trigger
darkyy: but u cant aim
darkyy: that doesnt add up
*u|ExpectRus: that means
*u|ExpectRus: my aim sucks
darkyy: generally its the first thing people work on
*u|ExpectRus: generally
*u|ExpectRus: not the first thing i worked on
*u|ExpectRus: lol
*u|ExpectRus: now you're going to give me a kill?
*u|ExpectRus: cmon bro
*u|ExpectRus: first
*u|ExpectRus: you talk shit
*u|ExpectRus: then you disrespect me like that?
*u|ExpectRus: you're nothing
darkyy: im just messing around
darkyy: chill
darkyy: u dont wh
darkyy: sorry i accused
darkyy: wasnt sure earlier
*u|ExpectRus: i'm going to have to think about this
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PostSubject: Re: This is why.. I love my urt style.   9/21/2011, 6:31 am

Topic Locked. Please dont argue tell him to demo you if he thinks you hack, or even let him go get an admin on the site using the "Need an admin" tab.

Server Admin
Co-Clan Leader

Leading is more than a skill.
It's a way of Life.

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This is why.. I love my urt style.
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