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 Server flooder

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Server Admin
Server Admin

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PostSubject: Server flooder   9/26/2011, 11:40 pm

All the IP's he has used to flood our server. He is permbanned and his ip range has been double range banned, consequently most players from Indiana cannot play on our server.

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PostSubject: Re: Server flooder   9/27/2011, 3:10 am

I posted a pretty good writeup on urt forums about who myself and some of my friends from oK think this spammer might be.
But later had to remove the post due to possible legal backlash.

Needless to say, we found some correlations in oK West Coast and oK Nolag B3 databases that linked the IP's of the server flooder to a player named 'travis'.
Yesterday, 'travis' was spotted on an oK server connecting from an IP that is not part of those ranges. At first we thought it was a different travis but when I ran the IP through ARIN, it came back belonging to an ISP in the same vicinity as the AT&T/SBC DSL IP's we have been banning -- Indiana.

After further research, and via publicly/completely legitimate resources/tools, we were able to find real names, addresses, and a phone number of a family that lives in Indiana. My friend from oK and I called this guy and he confirmed that one of his brothers does play UrT under the name 'travis'

Anyway. I wrote about all of this to urt forums and made sure I did not point any fingers (because after all, we could be wrong -- and these aren't really the people flooding) -- a few people started raging the thread and telling me to, essentially, back the fuck up.

I have been looking into this since last friday when the server that houses my three shitty urt servers crashed as result of these floods. The entire server crashed, not just the urt processes. That server also hosts a revenue-generating website -- which was downed for a couple hours. So i'm kinda pissed at whoever is doing this shit and I hope someone finds out who it is Smile

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Server flooder
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