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 c@m! Pos Hax?

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PostSubject: c@m! Pos Hax?   9/30/2011, 2:54 pm

As I was browsing some UrT Youtube videos I came upon a video ALL in shownormals and a song playing (so I couldnt hear game sounds). This video is shows zL.SHARK (presumed to be c@m!) wallhacking...


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PostSubject: Re: c@m! Pos Hax?   9/30/2011, 8:44 pm

I want the actual demo, we all know that video can be doctored to make things seem like something is happening that isn't. As I put in my video of us against tR|-=[]=- i rushed into the upper hall and sniped a guy on my way through that I heard there, if you don't have sound someone could call it a wallhack or whatever they decide to come up with. However it can be proved wrong by actually reviewing the demo and seeing what actually happened and what was actually heard.

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PostSubject: Re: c@m! Pos Hax?   10/2/2011, 1:54 pm

Havnt seen the Demo, But You can even tell that Even with decent speakers [not even headphones] Most of the people getting shot could obviously be heard. I mean cmon people, the doors in TP Are literally like a fucking boombox. This also goes without saying that 85% of the places [supposed] c@m! took up for his shots were all generally used by most players in th community. Mobey showed this to me at school and I auto-thought it was doctored. I just played with c@m! about 4 days ago. He's an insanely great player and beat both darkyy and I almost singlehandedly lolz. I have no doubt he never hacked. I guess someone just got fed up of getting his ass handed to him and decided he wanted to waste a lot of peoples time.
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PostSubject: Re: c@m! Pos Hax?   

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c@m! Pos Hax?
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